Destiny Palmistry Character Awareness E-book (Latest Revised Edition)

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The essential guide to hand reading. Recognize character through a mere glimpse of the hands. Learn about yourself and others to assist decisions in career, love, relationships and more.


(Revised edition with new content).

Learn to Read Hands – the Essential Basics

Palmistry for relationships? There are many incredible ways palmistry can improve our lives; not only in discovering about ourselves but others as well. You and your potential lover have a greater chance of success when you discover their relationship behaviour. It is exciting to have this knowledge and to be able to understand people and improve the relationships with them!

Few very simple clues on the hands can help us to see the underlying personality and whether or not there is compatibility, and if not, knowing about it can prevent future issues.

One finger alone can depict a crucial aspect that has to do with love relationships.

  • If someone is a real, genuine person, the fingers tell all.
  • Learn how to tell if a person has a flawed character, such as a petty thief or a perpetual liar.
  • Imagine meeting someone for the first time; it is nice to know if they might have past issues that could affect the way they treat other people; it makes it easier to understand them and possibly be more forgiving.
  • Some qualities might be offensive, and knowing what to look for can make a decision about whether or not to know them better a little easier.

Money making skills?

To find confident, ambitious and steady workers in business, the basics of palmistry are particularly handy to an employer looking for a particular kind of employee. It saves time and money to choose the right person for the job the first time.

Can palmistry help with children?

These fundamental principles are also extremely useful for a parent, to see something shaping in the life of your child. If an aspect is not particularly active, the parent can then use this knowledge and help the child to grow up with better support.

I cannot mention enough just how amazing this experience is. When you learn these basics of Palmistry, not only will you be able to see how to improve your life, but also help others. That is a bonus.

From Destiny palmistry books, you are able to understand the character from various parts of the hand and fingers. Here is a list of just a few topics:

  • Elements in the shape of the hand, as well as specific areas of the hand and what they mean.
  • The mounts on the hand and their development.
  • Fingertip shapes and what they mean.
  • Skin texture and fingernails.
  • Crooked or leaning fingers and specific finger length and size.
  • Temperaments and abilities judged by hand shape.
  • Occupations and the elements.
  • The faithful one.
  • The unfaithful one.
  • The romantic one.
  • Ambition and leadership.
  • Honesty.
  • What does the thumb alone say about you?

More traits recognised from the hands.

The strengths and weaknesses of our nature affect the shape of our hands, and when it comes to relationships, I think this knowledge is crucial. Hand reading at a glance can tell you about many personality traits:

  1. Honesty / dishonesty
  2. Jealousy and insecurity
  3. Responsibility / leadership skills
  4. Loving nature/warmth
  5. Cold nature / unresponsive
  6. Ego and self-esteem/depression
  7. Sex drive/lack of sex drive
  8. Intelligence
  9. Daydreamer / go-getter
  10. Stubbornness / submissiveness
  11. Weakness/Strength
  12. Communication skills
  13. Secretiveness / openness
  14. Shrewdness and more.


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