Career Guidance Palm Reading

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Are you wondering if you are in the right career path? Do you need guidance in your life purpose? If so, this palm reading is for you.


About a career guidance palm reading.

Did you know that through palmistry, we can discover not only character traits but also some things that we may not be aware of, like potential obstacles or health issues?

  • How do I decide what is my ideal career field?
  • Will I succeed in my choice of career?
  • What will it take to be successful?
  • Am I making a mistake in my decision?
  • What about partnerships or business?
  • How can I judge if I’m suited to my career choice?
  • What is the actual purpose of my life?

My personal approach to palm readings uses the knowledge-based the information gathered through the hand features as well as the lines on the palms. There is a considerable variation in the way the hands, fingers, and lines are formed revealing our uniqueness and just what makes this subject so interesting.

Looking for success in a career or business?

I will reveal the secrets your hands’ hold which may be the reasons you have not succeeded.

What you will get in your career guidance palm reading:

  • Answers to your questions
  • Discovery of your natural talents
  • Possible suitable career
  • Motivation
  • What it will take to be successful
  • Partnership compatibility
  • Health and warning signs – Yes, actually your health can affect your career.
  • What do you want to know?


  • A clear photo of both hands, the whole hand with fingers visible.
  • Indicate which is left and right.
  • Include pictures of fingernails, fingertips and fingerprints, (clear photo or ink print).
  • Please e-mail me HERE (see below for examples of photos required).
  • If you are Male or Female
  • Your age now
  • If known, your complete date, time and place of birth for more accurate reading.
  • Your questions


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