Masculine Hand on a Woman What it Means

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The Masculine hand on a woman.

Masculine hand on a woman – Before I ever knew much about hand reading, I used to look at my hands and considered that they were rather masculine in their appearance. I compared them with my female friends, who seemed to have feminine hands with soft skin and long fingernails. It was not until I had taken up the study of palmistry that I understood why I did not possess those delicate, womanly hands. Consequently, I learned that I was not the traditional kind of a girl.


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Learn Palmistry and the Secrets Your Hands Reveal

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12 Reasons Why You Need to Learn Palmistry

The hands are amazing, what would we do without them? Not only are they the most useful body part, with their amazing capabilities. From an article from named ‘The sensory hand” – The Principles of Anatomy as Seen in the Hand (1919), was principally focused on the hand as a motor organ, fascinated as they were with the almost unlimited capacity of the human hand for precision and dexterity of movement. In this, they saw the hand as an executive organ of the brain. To Napier, the hand was the mirror of the brain and ‘there can be no such combination as dextrous hands and clumsy brains’. – What a great quote. The hands really are amazing and most interesting because they also reveal character. Learn palmistry to make your life easier:(continues below)

When meeting new people, it is interesting to learn about their character from their hands before even speaking to them. [....] 

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