Broken Life Line Meaning in Palm Reading

broken life line, break in line of life, life line is broken

Broken Life Line

A broken life line is when a section of the line is missing before the line continues. An overlapping break shows a ‘planned change’.

A clean break may be showing that change is necessary; whether due to relocation, illness, accident or other experience, it serves as a cautionary to take more care during that time. [....] 

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Allergy Line Meaning on the Palm

allergy line, poison line, intensity line, palmistry lines

The Allergy Line

The allergy line, also known in old-fashioned terms as a ‘poison line’ is commonly found on the long, slim hand (water hand) with a multitude of lines. Don’t confuse the allergy line with ‘intensity line’ although their meaning is very similar. I see this line on the hands of many people, they almost always say they’re not allergic to anything. It may then be an intensity line.

The intensity line would be more common on an intuitive hand (fire hand), that is, a rectangular palm with short fingers. These people tend to crave things like bungee jumping, or on the other end of the scale, drugs. So you could say that this line, whether an allergy line, poison line or intensity line shows a significance for two types of problematic people, the hyperactive and the potential drug addict.

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Allergy line and soft skin.

The allergy line mainly occurs when there are soft skin and many lines. Whenever this line is found on the palm, the owner will react strongly to chemicals, drugs, and medications like penicillin.

If you see this line on your child’s hand, take care of their diet and watch carefully for any changes. The changes to look for is in their behaviour which might relate to the changes in the diet. NOTE: When the person is having an allergic reaction to something, it has a red appearance.

Strangely enough, however, those with the allergy line often seem to have an awareness of their own sensitivity. This sensitivity leads them to leave behind drugs and chemicals completely. Naturopaths and healers are among many who possess this line.

allergy line, poison line, intensity line, palmistry lines


The art of analysing hands to examine character and personality. You can see motivations and desires and how you live your life. A palm reading can guide you to a deeper understanding of yourself and your potential future.

How exciting to be able to know people through hand analysis. There are countless benefits to learning hand reading, including improved relationships, developing deeper self-awareness and even to give yourself extra revenue by giving readings for others.

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What is Palmistry Palm Lines and How Does it Work?

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What is Palmistry and how does it Work?

Palm reading the palm lines is no longer fortune telling. Modern palm reading websites are appearing on various sites of the internet for curious readers for free information about the hand features.

Palmistry is the practice of palm reading for a meaningful understanding of personal life and events. It is grounded in the psychic belief that our palms have lines and curves that determine patterns on the different spheres of human life. These areas include love, career, emotional expressiveness and even success in career.

People have become interested in knowing the possible outcome of their situations and decisions, and they have started to turn to palm reading for guidance. Although palmistry began before the ancient times, it is still widely practised around the globe. It has been practised in India, China, and Tibet and even in ancient Babylonia.  Its modern appeal has also been mainly online leading to more opportunities both for practising palm readers and clients and psychic enthusiasts who need special guidance.

Palm Lines

Palmistry involves palm reading the psychic line, and palm readers believe that these lines and curves can tell, predict and assume the future events of different people. The West used modern palmistry during the 1800s. It got popular attention from the people and persecution of the Catholic Church who called it a pagan practice. Today, people had been turning to palmistry to expand their knowledge about the things that involve their personal lives and decision-making. Palm readers have also been keen in considering the latest changes of life in contrast to ancient palm reading practices.

Modern palm reading is appearing on various sites of the internet for propagation and information. Some psychic websites offer palm reading online and even other psychic methods like tarot card reading, numerology, and others.


There are many ways of doing a palm reading, and these include the analysis of the shapes of the hands, the understanding of the relations of lines and curves of the palm. Fingerprints are also a part of hand reading.


Usually, the hand shapes have four major types which use the classical elements of astrology. While there is a clear belief on what these elements do, hand shapes are also believed to be indicators of various character types that exhibit different attitudes towards life events. The four classical elements used by modern palm readers are Earth, Air, Water, and Fire.

Earth is typically identified by large, square palms and fingers that have thick and rough skin and reddish in colour.

Air hands [....] 

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