Star Mark On the Palm The Real Meaning

star mark on the palm, star lines


Not all palm readers believe that stars have a genuine meaning on the palms. The star mark on the palm is still worth noting because they do not appear on every hand. Some hand readers call them “gift markings,” which makes you think that having one is a good thing right? Maybe, if it, in fact, is a star. It also depends on where the star is, on a line or on the mount of the palm. [....] 

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Banish Stress For Good and Be Happy

psychic tarot one card reading, banish stress

Banish Stress and be Happy

How to banish stress: A part of being happy is about how you see yourself (self-image), so if you are stressed you may be forgetting those positive qualities and focusing on the wrong things. To banish stress and get happy, you need to work out if the worry is unnecessary. [....] 

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