Star Mark On the Palm The Real Meaning

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Not all palm readers believe that stars have a genuine meaning on the palms. The star mark on the palm is still worth noting because they do not appear on every hand. Some hand readers call them “gift markings,” which makes you think that having one is a good thing right? Maybe, if it, in fact, is a star. It also depends where the star is, on a line or on the mount of the palm.

A star mark on the palm will have at least three lines crossing at the same point and not be made up by other minor or major lines and found independently on the palm.

Meanings of the star mark on the palm.

While most star markings on the mounts are a welcome sign, they come with a complex connotation. The reason could be due to the challenges in the attainment of high-level success or recognition.

  1. A star mark on the palm mount beneath the index finger (on Jupiter mount) is said to show a sudden rise in fortune and achievement of ambition. It is said to be a symbol of honour and influence and a promising mark for being destined for great things.
  2. A star mark on the palm beneath the ring finger (on Apollo mount) is the mark of fame, wealth and social attainment. However, this person may have to work hard and take risks. Their general happiness can be affected through not staying grounded.
  3. A star on the mount beneath the pinkie (on Mercury mount) is said to be a sign of a sudden rise in a business venture or success in the field of science or speaking. On the downside, it may increase traits of dishonesty.
  4. A star on the mount beneath the middle finger (on Saturn mount) shows success achieved after a struggle or hard work. The effort may involve problems with legal matters or opposition from rivals. Physical restrictions or confines may also be an obstacle.

Full details of the star mark on the palm will be in the Destiny Palmistry All the Lines out this year. Copyright Sari A Puhakka All rights reserved.

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Intuition How to Develop Your Senses

Intuition is your voice that comes from what you already know, deep down inside.

Having good intuition helps you to make better choices in life. Imagine if you were psychic, and every problem you have ever had was resolved by just asking yourself what happens next?

Having this inherent power is just that, knowing what to do, feel and say; we should all have this power.

When you develop your intuition, you are developing your psychic power.

If you are not using your intuition, you may begin to dwell on problems, continue to live in the past and have difficulties in reaching goals.
order to develop your intuition to a level that you can rely on and trust, you first need to be open to receiving guidance from yourself.
Become involved in life. Be as normal and natural as possible. Try not to avoid ordinary friends and places, this will help avoid abnormal grief.

What is intuition

If you were to put forth a question or problem that you want to solve, the answer might simply pop into your head. However, usually, when you are not trying to force out the answer, but when you least expect it. Often it is a constant thought that won’t leave your mind. Intuition is a sense of knowing that the response is right, not necessarily knowing how or why but just having the knowledge calmly.

If your feeling is of desperation about the situation, then this is more likely to be your fears and hopes coming out. You should try not to make a momentous decision without at first having a good think about it and then meditate or do something else relaxing so that your mind can ‘put it on the decision shelf.’ Obviously, taking too long to decide may have you miss an opportunity, so once you have the idea to go ahead, and then do it. You can always make a mistake, but you find out sooner by taking a risk.

  • Use all things in moderation, eat lightly and naturally and try to get enough sleep.
  • Don’t worry about the outcome of every little thing.
  • Meditate and use positive affirmations about your future as if it is already true.
  • Listen to your feelings and accept your mood without blaming yourself or resenting others and if you feel like having a cry, then do it.

Meditation is the first step in this development.

If your intuition feels entirely blocked, and meditating’s hard, it may be necessary for you to go to a peaceful, quiet place in nature. You can meditate at night, the moon is very calming and has been known to help people get in touch with their inner self. If you love the warmth of the sun and the sunlight shimmering on the water or brightly coloured flowers and gardens, then choose a sunny day to visit your place of peace. Once you have absorbed all that peaceful energy, it is easier to go back to it in your memory next time you are meditating.

If going out is too difficult then you can find your sanctuary within your home. You can set your garden or patio, so you feel like you are getting away from it all. You could even adopt a part of your home indoors for your personal space. It does not have to be a whole room; just a small corner space.

Follow these simple steps:

  • First, remove any clutter and make the area free from dust and open the window if there is one. Have as much nature around you as possible.
  • You need a comfortable place to sit. If you do not have a table and chair, you can create a space on the floor with a cloth, pillows or blankets.
  • Turn off unnecessary noise, cover up the computer or television.
  • If you are outside, and you have pets, make sure they are busy, (chewing a bone or something). Pets are usually like children, and you may find it difficult to meditate with them trying to get your attention?
  • Assume a comfortable but alert upright position.
  • Gently bring your attention to the breath, and note each inhalation and exhalation.
  • When your mind begins to wander, calmly bring your attention back to the breathing and start again.

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copyright Sari A Puhakka.

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Get Happy and Banish Stress For Good

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Get Happy and Banish Stress

A part of being happy is about how you see yourself (self-image), so if you are stressed you may be forgetting those positive qualities and focusing on the wrong things. To get happy, you need to banish stress, obviously.

To improve how you see yourself, you need to think about whom you are. Try to do this from your point of view, not what other people may have made you feel.

  1. Do you agree or disagree with your external image? Don’t allow your physical looks to determine who you are on the inside.
  2. Is there a hidden talent or personality you are keeping to yourself? Use your talent in everything you do.
  3. If you are not true to yourself, can you think of the reasons why not? Don’t lie to yourself.
  4. If you are depressed or unhappy because things are not going as you planned, you may need to look in another direction and see if what you need can be found elsewhere.
  5. Recognise that there are many other ways to get happy, get what you want or need.
  6. If it is the lack of love that is depressing you, see if other people or things can give you the feeling of love or support you need. It could be a friend, a close relative or even a pet. You cannot always get all your love from one source.
  7. You may need to discharge some of your negative energy by grounding. Do this by going outdoors more and do something physical like digging up a garden.

  8. Expectations.

  9. Let go of your set expectations, imagine getting what you need without being stuck on how you are going to get it.
  10. Once you open your mind to accepting other ways to get around your dilemma, you begin to get a flow of ideas and begin to take control of your future.
  11. Become involved in life. Be as normal and natural as possible. Try not to avoid usual friends and places; this helps avoid abnormal grief.
  12. Do all things in moderation, eat lightly and naturally and try to get enough sleep.
  13. Don’t worry about the outcome of every little thing.
  14. Meditate and use positive affirmations, as if they are already true.
  15. Listen to your feelings and accept your mood without blaming yourself or resenting others and if you feel like having a cry, then do it.

More tips

  1. Listen to your favourite music; it is an amazing healer.
  2. Take the time to enjoy your pet or care for animals. You can even talk to them; they do not argue with you.
  3. Try to see the view of others; they have problems too.
  4. Get in touch with what is important to you.
  5. The no.1 reason for stress? Stress can be caused by having too much energy (mentally). Finding an outlet for excess energy. This energy can be physical or mental, and finding an outlet which is positive is the only way to control it. Excess physical energy obviously needs the body to release it by being active, playing a sport or doing constructive work or activities. But mental energy can be destructive to our emotional well being and needs to be directed into being creative, such as finding your talent or a hobby which can release it, preventing frustration.

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