Simian Personality Quotes from Destiny Palmistry

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Simian Personality Quotes – Left, Right or Both Hands.

I’m very curious about the Simian personality. I recently asked individuals with Simian lines to tell me something about their character, for example, their strengths and weaknesses. The comments below are an extract from Destiny Palmistry All the Lines. Please note that obviously other factors would contribute to these traits, such as hand shape, skin texture etc. Each separate quote is from a different person. More info about this line here. [....] 

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What Does a Short Life Line Mean?

short line of life, short life line

Does it show the length of life?

Almost every day I have someone ask me what does a short life line mean?  Many of those people believe that they will not have a long life. Is it because some inexperienced palm reader told them so? Or is it just their conclusions? I want to set this straight and explain what it means.  [....] 

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The Middle Finger Shows Your Strengths

saturn finger, middle finger, palmistry finger meanings, give someone the finger,

The finger is known as the Saturn finger and can show your strengths and weaknesses

The middle finger in palmistry is called the Saturn finger. This finger can show much about your strengths. It can also show your weaknesses, it governs certain characteristics such as common sense, duty, service and restrictions. It is far from the emotional aspect of the character.  [....] 

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Spinster Line or Ring of Mercury Meanings

spinster line, ring of mercury, bachelor line, widow line palmistry

Will You Be Single Forever?

The word spinster line straight away makes you wonder if it’s considered a bad thing to have. The term ring of Mercury seems to be more appropriate to its meaning. This line lies beneath the little finger as a curved horizontal line, ending between the ring and little finger. The reason why it may also be called a spinster line is that can originate in the same area as the relationship lines on the side of the Mercury mount. [....] 

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Crooked Fingers Meaning in Palmistry

crooked fingers, bent fingers, curved finger meaning

Crooked fingers or a bent finger demonstrates a moderate amount of variance to the qualities that the digit represents. Sometimes it is naturally held in a way that it leans towards or away from another finger (but is straight); it describes what is current now rather than a long-term matter.  [....] 

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