Split line of life or marks on the life line

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A split line of life or Marks on the Line of life.

The line of life (A crease on the palm around the ball of thumb) – Almost all horizontal marks on the line of life, such as crossbars, stars, and slashes, is classed as a negative interference or obstacles of some kind. A hand that has many of these lines belong to someone who has much nervous energy. They are sensitive to everything around them, they worry a lot and possibly tend to look for problems. There may be a split in the line of life or a fork. You must also be careful when analysing these marks, sometimes they are formed by lines crossing each other. In that case, it will not be a ‘mark’ on the line. (Get Book 2 ‘All the Lines’ here.[....] 

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Love Life In the Palms Through the Pinkie

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Love Life in the Palms Through Palmistry.

Love life in the palms is not easy to find. But, one often looks to the pinkie. However, not all little finger meanings equal in palmistry.  (In palmistry terms ‘Mercury finger’) I have noticed that those who have a long and level pinkie, seem to be doing better in life, not only in their relationships but career-wise. Is this true? [....] 

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Jupiter Mount Meaning in Palmistry

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Jupiter Mount Meaning in Palmistry

The Jupiter mount and finger (Index finger) represent the self-confidence, pride, ego, religion and the strengths and weaknesses of the character. The Jupiter mount is the padded area directly under the index finger. If it shares the space partially beneath the middle (Saturn finger), there is hands-on ability to achieve goals. Jupiter in palmistry represents: [....] 

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Thumb Tip Shape Meanings in Palmistry

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Thumb Tip Shapes in Palmistry

The thumb tip has great value in reading hands; you can glance at a person’s hand and quickly get a general idea of their energy, drive, and basic temperament. So the tip of the thumb is a crucial part of character awareness, particularly in situations where one is meeting someone for the first time. In most business or personal situations, people shake hands to introduce themselves, what a perfect opportunity to glance at the thumb! [....] 

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