Fingernail Ridges Spots and Lines

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The Fingernail Ridges Spots and Lines

The fingernails mainly protect your sensitive fingertips. However, with their delicate growth process, the nails are responsive to changes in the subjects psyche or physical health. Fingernail ridges can form if there is something unusual going on. [....] 

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Star Mark On the Palm The Real Meaning

star marks on the palm


The Star mark on the palm is one which is difficult to properly not only to recognize but also to interpret. The reason that it is so challenging is that people don’t always see things the same way. Palmistry is something which takes the study of not just what others have learned but what you have personally studied. A star mark can be easily mistaken by other lines.  [....] 

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Masculine Hand on a Woman What it Means

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The Masculine hand on a woman.

Masculine hand on a woman – Before I ever knew much about hand reading, I used to look at my hands and considered that they were rather masculine in their appearance. I compared them with my female friends, who seemed to have feminine hands with soft skin, a narrow palm, long fingers and an overall delicate structure. [....] 

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Timing on Life Line Guide Palmistry

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Timing on life line.

Measuring events through palmistry is not exactly easy to do. However, the timing on life line is an important part of interpreting the markings. Knowing whether an event has passed or is yet to come can prevent much unnecessary worry; some markings on this line are negative indicators. [....] 

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