Billionaire Signs in a Palm Reading

Learn some billionaire signs through the hand shape, finger length and palm lines. One of the most exciting things about palmistry is the various character types displayed by the hand.

Previously I wrote about the hands of a millionaire describing various features of famous, wealthy people. In this article, I delve into some details in the hands like the billionaire, Richard Branson.

Firstly, from the shape of his hand, he has a combination of many elements. His squarish looking palm and long fingers appear to match the air hand shape. However, he has features of fire and water as well.

The mount of Moon (Base of palm) and Venus (ball of thumb) are firm and relatively free of lines.

Billionaire signs, like in Richard Bransons hand

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  1. The pinkie shows not only his intellect by its’ length but his ability to communicate effectively. The finger also juts out which depicts his somewhat eccentric but an independent thinker. He’s not against being advised what to do, but he would not like being told what to think. The long top phalange shows his intuitive faculties are reliable.
  2. The well-etched life line does not have many diversions and displays his robustness and direction in life. The few stress lines are standard considering his responsibilities.
  3. The fingertips are a little squarish which tells of his practical, reliable and sensible nature.
  4. The fingertips also have slight redness, indicating his mind is always active.
  5. The length of all the fingertips is longer than average which also depicts his dynamic, inspirational and intuitive faculties.
  6. There is a well-proportioned thumb, with the top phalange a little tucked in towards the hand. When the thumb is straight and slightly tucked in, it displays logic, persistence, discipline and determination. He has substantial reasoning powers and likes to be in control. This type of thumb also shows that he is cautious, assertive, inventive, serious and a specialist in his field.
  7. An intuition line, again, depicts the intelligence.
  8. A passion line shows his heart is in everything he wants to do.
  9. Apollo line shows his success and happiness in his achievements.
  10. The double fate line shows his motivation and ability or skill for many things.
  11. The central part of the heart line ends under the middle finger but tapers off to between the first and second fingers. It depicts Richard’s passionate nature.

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