Markings on the Head Line Meanings

Most markings on the head line are not a welcome sign, except rising lines, triangles and squares. The head line is where it is possible to see how a person thinks. It is the line which commences between the index finger and the thumb and runs horizontally across the palm. A perfectly formed line without flaws suggests someone who doesn’t stress or worry much. The flow of thought is not disrupted. Below I have the meanings of the various marks.


An island is where it splits into two and re-joins to form one line again. It shows a weakening of the line, and it affects the mental ability. It can be a sign of worry, uncertainty, illness, depression, loss of memory or merely a period of fatigue which alters the ability to think clearly.

Someone who suffers from migraines might also have this mark. Look at the quality of the line after the island. Once the line resumes to normal, so should the issues.


If the line appears to have several islands, like a chain, it shows someone who has a sensitive mentality; they may be undergoing personal, intellectual or mental issues.

It tells of an unstable and restless mind, and the memory is weak. The subject can be unmotivated towards career goals, uncertain about their future, suffer learning difficulties, being able to think straight or even tend towards laziness. It can also suggest that an individual who is experiencing depression. The chained line can change over time as circumstances shift and begin to even out.


A square on the head line is an encouraging mark, as it protects an otherwise weak area of the line, usually representing overcoming mental stress or protection regarding an injury to the head.

A square can be four lines surrounding an island, bar line, a cross or star. It acts like a deletion line, whereby an event was narrowly avoided or missed due to a change of development or action.


The triangle attached to a line strengthens the part of the line where it appears. It gives a boost for the current time; achievement of a goal, a problem resolved, or even a windfall.


Most markings such as bars, breaks, and dots denote obstacles such as financial difficulties, outside influences, health problems (migraines) or other setbacks during their life.

  • Crossbars are short lines which cut the head line, sometimes only one is seen, other times there are many. They have no beginning or end in a way that they don’t touch other lines. The depth of the line is essential. If thick and red, it can point to a current issue such as fever, headache or brain disorder.
  • A bar line cutting through is a fine line that represents either headache, a temporary obstacle or worry such as financial difficulty.
  • A cross is unfavourable as it denotes a setback, mental block or self-deception.
  • A star on the line can be a warning which indicates mental shock or even a head injury; look for markings on the main lines to corroborate the event.
  • A black or grey dot can refer to a sudden mental tension or shock. A red dot or a short red line along it may indicate the same but with less intensity.

Excerpt from Destiny Palmistry Copyright Sari A Puhakka

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