Curved Finger Meaning in Palmistry

Curved Finger Meaning

A crooked or curved finger shows a steady amount of variance to the qualities that the finger represents. Sometimes the finger is naturally held in a way that it leans towards or away from another finger (but is straight); it describes what is current now rather than a long-term matter. This leaning of the finger shows that it is giving up some of its strength to the other. When the entire length displays a curve, it gains strength from the other finger. The finger that has another leaning or bent towards it depicts the greatest attributes.

An index finger that bends towards the middle finger belongs to a person who may have been a shy child, not coping with communication or independence. They may have had to depend on others, especially family. It can also denote some form of insecurity, possibly due to a history of poor economic times.  However, frequently these people grow up to become very self-assertive and serious achievers, working towards their goals with a dutiful outlook on life.

  • When the whole finger curves towards the middle finger, it shows that in relationships, they are prone to be emotionally secretive or feel unstable; exposing a possessive or jealous nature.
  • When only the very tip is bent, the mental faculties show restraint, affecting the self-image.
  • When the index finger leans away from the middle one, towards the thumb, it displays a very extroverted and ambitious nature; these people also like to be in the centre of attention.

Curved finger of Jupiter

With the middle and the index finger are wide apart, it shows qualities of motivation, self-confidence and individuality. They are independent and unrestrained.

Crooked tip only: It has a greater implication to its meaning. Usually only found on the Index or little finger. On the pinkie, it can show an early history of family problems. It usually indicates mental confusion where decision making, thoughts, and with intuitive faculties.

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