short life line meaning in palmistry

The life line is the one on the palm that curves around the thumb ball. Normally it goes the full way around, reaching the bracelet on the wrist. Ideally, we would all like to have a long life line because we tend to feel that is what depicts a long life naturally. However, the meaning of a long life line is not necessarily a long life and vice versa. 

The first thing I will mention is that a short life line does not mean a short life. The life line refers to the quality of life, the constitution, family roots, security and the get-up-and-go of the individual.

A long, solid line shows plenty of vitality, routine, stability, motivation and someone who probably doesn’t need to depend on anyone or anything.

I look at my short life line on a regular basis to see if it has grown, not because having a short life line is anything to worry about, but because I wonder if I will ever actually settle down and feel grounded. Now, because I am quite restless and energetic in general, that is probably not going to happen.

With a short life line, one that doesn’t reach the lines on the wrist can belong to someone who is ungrounded or one who might not have strong family roots (often due to a split or unstable early family life). These individuals will likely need to get their feelings of security from things such as their career or their partner. They may have a lack of routine, suffer reduced energy or tire quickly.

A weak short life line is common among teenagers who have not yet set career goals. This line can change over time, so settling down and establishing a stable home and lifestyle strengthens a weak or short life line. 

3 Things you need to know about a short life line. 

  1. The life line depicts energy flow, so if it happens to appear short, it shows change to the energy flow.
  2. The person may feel unstable or ungrounded in their life in general.
  3. The life line shows a connected person to their roots, so a short line depicts a person who probably has lost their connection to those family roots.

Since the line is energy flow, it is likely that the road is yet undecided. These people will want to make their path in life. The same goes for a missing fate line. 

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