Life Mission is it Important to Have One?

Life Mission, Do we need a purpose in life?

Why is having a life mission or purpose essential?

The simple answer is yes. We should all be living the life we are meant to live. Being true our values, our worth, and our goals from your soul perspective.

We all have a calling or purpose in life; it is our passion in pursuit of a dream. It doesn’t matter what it is, we’re all different. If you have a goal, you’re off to a good start. Your life mission reveals the power that propels you towards that goal.

Do you feel you could be doing something else towards your life mission?

Are you confident you are on the right path for your future?

Your life mission is not about what you ‘do’ but more about the attitude and how you experience life. It continues to form as we mature. It is about feeling powerful and active in your way; not hiding in a corner or feeling guilty but instead being passionate about your life. Knowing ‘who’ you are.

However, for any life purpose to work, we also need to understand and deal with ‘life lessons.’ See what your fingers might show about your passion in life here.

Can I prevent these life lessons if I know my purpose?

Life lessons are what we all will inevitably experience before we become successful in our life mission. However, these experiences can assist us to realise our true purpose in life. Lessons and experiences such as:

Financial problems

Feeling powerless

Lack of decision-making skills

Fear of making mistakes and much more.

Scientifically based information from the fingerprints will not only help you get a clear direction in your life from your strengths but explain your life lessons, your weaknesses that are holding you back and why you keep struggling in some areas of your life?

So, what has this mission got to do with fingerprints? (See types of fingerprints for life purpose here.)

We are all aware that our fingerprints never change. So, in hand analysis, these prints are our real character, which will never change, unlike other features and lines of the hands.

Is it possible to read life mission from my child’s hands?

Yes, because we are born with the same fingerprints we have now. Usually, when doing a regular palm reading, I rarely read the hands of a child the same way as I read an adult’s hand. That is because the child is yet to go through many stages of development.

Anything can bring change into their life, and the lines form and continue to change as our lives grow; the fingers and nails too can change. Does your hand resemble the hand of an infant? I doubt it, and if it did, the meaning of this through hand diagnosis would be immaturity or lack of development.

With fingerprints, however, because we carry the same ones throughout our whole life, we can read these prints. From the day that a person is born, we can decipher our real purpose. This life purpose naturally will come with the life lessons or ‘karmic debt’ that the child (or adult) will at one stage face in their life.

As a parent, I feel it would benefit in knowing how we can help our children grow and become successful. We all would love to see our loved ones happy and, we want happiness, no matter what part of our life we attain it.

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