Allergy Line Meaning on the Palm

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Allergy line and Intensity line

Where there is an allergy line present, it can denote sensitivity towards food, drugs or both. The person could be sensitive to airborne pollutants, smoking, and alcohol. This line also appears redder when an allergy or infection is present in the system.

allergy line, poison line, intensity line, palmistry linesThe allergy line shape varies from one hand to another. The length and depth of the line can also vary. If the line is long and stands out, there is sensitivity to drugs, chemicals and or foods. If it reaches all the way to the life line, the effect is more profound. A finely broken and islanded line shows food cravings, and sometimes it is evidence of diabetes. (Continued below)

Don’t mistake the travel line for an allergy line

The allergy line can easily be mistaken for a travel line. The allergy line, also known in old terms as a ‘poison line’ is commonly found on the extended, slim hand (water hand) with a multitude of lines. It is also easily mistaken for the intensity line, and their meaning is very similar. The intensity line tends to sit higher on the palm compared to the allergy line. As an allergy line, it is mostly on hands with soft skin covered in many lines.

The intensity line is typical on an intuitive hand (fire hand), that is, a rectangular palm with short fingers. These people tend to crave excitement like bungee jumping, or on the other end of the scale, drugs. So, you could say that this line, whether an allergy line, poison line or intensity line shows a significance for two types of problematic people, the hyperactive and the potential drug addict.

Allergy line on your child’s’ palm

As a parent, if you see this line on your child’s hand, you should take care of their diet and observe for any changes in their behaviour which might relate to the changes in the meals. Strangely enough, however, those with the allergy line often seem to have a subconscious awareness of their sensitivity which leads them to leave behind drugs and chemicals entirely. Naturopaths and healers are among many who possess this line. It shows healing and self-healing abilities.

The intensity line can be a little tricky to spot because it can look like the travel or allergy line. In most cases, the intensity line is a clean straight line (unlike a crease that is made by the allergy line) and originates from the life or fate line, horizontally towards the outer edge of the palm. The person with this line has an urge to seek drama or thrills.

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Stress Lines and Trauma Lines on the Palms

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Stress Lines on the Palms

Stress lines and trauma lines are very similar and can appear in many areas of the palm. The other names for these lines are interference or worry lines. They are not always a negative marking and are often just suggest regular domestic worry or family influences.

stress lines, worry lines, palm lines, destiny, palmistry, best palm reader in the worldWhen the lines originate from the mount of Venus and cross the line of life, its meaning becomes more significant. The various stress implications of a worry line crossing the life line can range from such life events as having a child, struggling with finances or even an accident which may affect the career or another part of life, to name just a few.

If a worry line is long, originating from inside the mount of Venus, crossing the life line and reaching the head line, it can denote worry over finances. The same markings on the heart line would indicate an emotional matter. A line reaching the fate line can imply career influence, financial concern or both. If there is an island on the fate line and the worry line crosses the island, it can suggest bankruptcy.

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Trauma LInes

If these worry lines rise from the beginning section of the life line, all the way to the Saturn finger (middle finger) it would suggest a childhood disturbance or trauma. Trauma lines almost always end beneath the Saturn finger; they depict events that had a profound effect on the psyche. The trauma line is almost always fragmented, blurry or faint in its appearance, therefore it may not be a permanent mark.

Sympathy Lines

Mistaking the sympathy line for a trauma line or ring of Solomon is easy to do. The trauma line reaches the base of the Saturn finger, whereas the sympathy line looks more like a partial ring of Solomon. It shows a compassionate and understanding nature.

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