Palmistry Remedies With Crystals and Colour

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What are palmistry remedies?

Palmistry remedies are used if you struggle to get what you want out of life. Mostly the remedies focus on the weak areas of concern, such as determination and motivation. If you have read my article about millionaire hands, you would have learned what the common hand features are in the hands of a millionaire. In this article, I want to give you some alternative healing remedies if you lack the ideal qualities.  [....] 

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Banish Stress For Good and Be Happy

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Banish Stress and be Happy

How to banish stress: A part of being happy is about how you see yourself (self-image), so if you are stressed you may be forgetting those positive qualities and focusing on the wrong things. To banish stress and get happy, you need to work out if the worry is unnecessary. [....] 

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Healing With Colour Techniques

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Healing With Colour

We all react to colour in some way. It can help to determine our mood and aid with healing. When I first practised healing on myself, it was to help get over depression and have better relationships. My life took on a whole new meaning, and I was finally motivated to change. Healing with colour can have an amazing effect on your mind and emotions. [....] 

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