Palm Prints – The Not So Funny Loop

loop of seriousness, palm prints

Palm Prints – The Loop of Seriousness

When I first became curious about reading palms, I had no idea that fingerprints and palm prints (ridges) could have so much significance in studying our personality. However, analysing these patterns have become a prevalent part of hand reading in modern-day palmistry. [....] 

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Girdle of Venus Intensifies the Character

girdle of venus, partial girdle, minor lines on palm

Girdle of Venus

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The Girdle of Venus is like an additional heart line in the sense that adds extra sensitivity and intensity to the personality. In some cases where the heart line is absent, such as the Simian line, it takes the place of that line. [....] 

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Love Life In the Palms Through the Pinkie

Destiny Palmistry Book, sex life, palmistry and sex life, see sex life in palms

Love Life in the Palms Through Palmistry.

Love life in the palms is not easy to find. But, one often looks to the pinkie. However, not all little finger meanings equal in palmistry.  (In palmistry terms ‘Mercury finger’) I have noticed that those who do not have a low-set pinkie, seem to be doing better in life, not only in their relationships, but career-wise. Is this true? [....] 

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