Crooked Fingers Meaning in Palmistry

crooked fingers, bent fingers, curved finger meaning

Crooked fingers or a bent finger demonstrates a moderate amount of variance to the qualities that the digit represents. Sometimes it is naturally held in a way that it leans towards or away from another finger (but is straight); it describes what is current now rather than a long-term matter.  [....] 

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Short Pinkie and Short Finger Meanings

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Short Pinkie and the Meaning of a Short Finger

Do you have a short pinkie? Sometimes it’s difficult to decipher whether a finger is longer or shorter than normal. A small finger can be thin or short, sometimes both. A short pinkie is when it does not reach the top crease of the ring finger. Be aware though that the pinkie might be low set. [....] 

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Success Signs for Business From the Hands

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Success Signs for Business From the Hands

Success signs for business depend on the individuals’ ability to focus, learn, lead and take action. Many hand aspects show and relate to these abilities. When it comes to reading hands, it’s important to understand that some indicators can contradict others. But the following hand reading tips are useful in recognising the character. [....] 

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Thumb Tip Shape Meanings in Palmistry

thumb tip, stiff thumb

Thumb Tip Shapes in Palmistry

The thumb tip has great value in reading hands; you can glance at a person’s hand and quickly get a general idea of their energy, drive, and basic temperament. So the tip of the thumb is a crucial part of character awareness, particularly in situations where one is meeting someone for the first time. In most business or personal situations, people shake hands to introduce themselves, what a perfect opportunity to glance at the thumb! [....] 

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Honesty Signs from the Hands and Fingers

honesty signs, romantic personality from the palms, romance from palms, palm line to show romantic

Honesty Signs From the Hands

In character awareness from the hands, there are a few honesty signs. Finding a trustworthy life partner or choosing the right staff for your business can be a difficult task, but one of the most vital characteristics of a partner or an employee would have to be honesty. [....] 

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