Do You Have Big Knuckles?

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KNOTTED FINGERS The knotted fingers have visible knuckles on the fingers, either on the top, middle or both joints. They belong to individuals with proper concentration and investigative skills. They have a keen mind and like to analyse or judge everything and everyone using their keen common sense. They are rarely sentimental or emotional since […]

The Mysteries of the Heart Line

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Are you emotionally in control? The heart line is the uppermost horizontal line on the palm; it represents how a person expresses their feelings and their attitudes towards relationships. The basics of reading this line are the same as the head and life lines; that is by looking at its length, depth, and quality. The […]

Interesting things about the Fingernails

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HUMPED/CURVED NAILS The humped nail, commonly associated with weak lungs, respiratory disorders such as emphysema, bronchitis or pneumonia. Long-term smokers often have nails that grow over the tip of the finger, appearing curved or humped (suggesting inadequate oxygenation). A severely humped nail, where the tip appears swollen, indicates a more severe condition. A claw-like nail […]

The Value of Changing Lines on the Palms

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MAJOR AND MINOR LINES Most palms have ‘the major’ lines; a heart line, a head line (or Simian line) and the life line. I have chosen only these three to be classified as major lines, although some hand readers also like to refer to the Saturn and Apollo lines as major ones. The reason I […]

The Most Interesting Line in Palmistry

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I am so excited for you to have Destiny Palmistry All the Lines soon. I have been working very hard to make it easy for you to look through photos and see all the lines and their meanings. Today I want to discuss the most interesting line in palmistry, and that is the Life line […]

Rare Star Markings on the Palms

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  STAR MARKINGS While not all palm readers believe that stars have a genuine meaning on the palms, it is still worth noting because they do not appear on every hand. Some call them “gift markings,” which makes you think that having one is a good thing right? Maybe, if it, in fact, is a […]

Do Your Female Hands Look Masculine?

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Before I ever knew much about hand reading, I used to look at my hands and considered that they were rather masculine in their appearance. I compared them with my female friends, who seemed to have feminine hands with soft skin and long fingernails. It was not until I had taken up the study of […]

Is Having a Low Set Pinkie a Misfortune?

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DO YOU HAVE A LOW SET PINKIE? I have a slightly low set pinkie. (In palmistry terms ‘Mercury finger’) Through all my studies of this finger, I have noticed that those who do not have a low set one, seem to be doing better in life than people like me. But is this true? Maybe […]

The Real Meaning of a Short Life Line

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Short life line. The life line is the one on the palm that curves around the thumb ball. Normally it goes the full way around, reaching the bracelet on the wrist. Ideally, we would all like to have a long life line because we tend to feel that is what depicts a long life naturally. […]

Is Your Life Mission Important?

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Do we need a mission in life? Why is having a life purpose relevant? The simple answer is that we become aware of the reason that we are here, living the life we are meant to live, our values, our worth, and our goals from a soul perspective. We all have a calling or purpose […]

Timing Events on the Life Line

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Timing on the life line. Measuring events through palmistry are not exactly easy to do, but in reading the lines, particularly the life line, it is an important part of interpreting the markings. Knowing whether an event has passed or is yet to come can prevent much unnecessary worry, considering that some markings on this […]

The Awesome Mars Line Meanings

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The Mars line is a positive marking on the palm. It is a line which runs parallel to the life line, beginning from inside the thumb, or from the start of the lifeline itself. Frequently, this line appears where the lifeline is weak, broken or frail. The line can vary in its meaning because it […]

What Your Fingerprints Show About You

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We all have a particular calling or purpose in life; it is our passion in pursuit of a dream, your dream and what it is you want to attain in your life. However, the real reason for knowing your purpose is to be aware of why you are here, living the life you are meant […]

What is Palmistry and how does it Work?

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What is Palmistry and how does it Work? Palm reading had also been modernised and is appearing in various sites of the internet for propagation and information. Some psychic websites offer palm readings online and even other supernatural methods like tarot card reading, numerology and others. Palmistry is the practice of palm reading for […]


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A HEALTH WARNING NOT TO IGNORE I met with an old friend last week, and she asked me to look at her hands. Her fingernails instantly took me. I mentioned some things to her, and immediately she began to nod her head in agreement. Later she told me the truth! If you observe this sign, […]

Important Signs of Success

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SIGNS OF SUCCESS Someone who is successful in their field, especially if it involves being in the public eye (singing, dancing, acting, lion taming?) have one thing in common, a rising line to Apollo. Apollo on the hand is the area of the ring finger and the mount just beneath it. A vertical line which […]

Fix Relationships Using Palmistry

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  It is evident that knowing about a person’s character helps to form and keep better relationships. Getting to know people takes time and sometimes patience if the personalities clash. One of the biggest problems with new lovers is that their style of loving does not match, potentially causing rifts in the union. Some couples start […]

Learn About Relationship Lines

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The relationship lines (also called marriage or union lines) show more about what the person ‘feels’ about the relationship. For instance, if a line is weak, the union may not last forever because the feeling of love is not as strong. In saying that, however, I have seen a weak marriage line that still lasted […]

Career Line Starting Positions

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CAREER LINE (FATE LINE) The career line also referred to as the fate line or Saturn line is an excellent indicator of change in the life of its bearer. Which is why it is a valuable indicator of transformation and success of its owner. A perfect and straight fate line which runs directly from the […]


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HEALING ABILITY Healing ability covers a broad range of specialities that relate to the person’s attitude towards people and animals. People who tend to heal others are grounded and warm with compassion, resilience, and awareness. The shape of the hand depends on the type of healing involved. A surgeon often has a longer palm than […]