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Health and Longevity From the Rascettes

racette, health and longevity from the rascettes

Is it possible to see health and longevity from the rascettes? The Rascettes are lines on the wrist (also called bracelets). They are lines below the base of the palm on the wrist. There can…

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Via Lascivia, Addiction or Escape Line on the Palm

via lascivia, via lascivia, allergy line, addiction line, allergy line meaning, poison line

The Via Lascivia, (addiction line, escape line, poison bar) or whatever you want to call it, can appear differently depending on what type of hand it is on. Generally, it is a line near or…

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Marks on the Life Line, Drooping and Rising Lines

marks on the life line, dot on life line, island on life line, cross on life line, drooping line on life line, branch line

Marks on the life line, like dots, crosses, stars, slashes. What do they mean? Not everyone has smooth, clean lines on their palm. You might even find some marks on the life line and wonder…

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Markings on the Head Line Meanings

markings on the head line, cross on head line, island on head line, chained head line

Before I tell you about the markings on the head line, I want you to understand just how crucial this line is in a palm reading. The line of the head is the horizontal crease…

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