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Apollo Mount and Sun lines Meaning on the Palm

apollo mount, areas of the hand, palm reading guide, e-book palmistry

Apollo Mount and Sun lines (also named the line of Apollo or success line) The Apollo mount is a palmistry term referring to the padded area under the ring finger. The sun line is the…

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Funny Palmistry Memes Just for Fun

funny palmistry memes, palmistry jokes

Life doesn’t always have to be so serious, which is why I have made these funny palmistry memes so you can have a giggle. If you have any you’d like to share, I would love…

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Letter M on the Palm and Money Triangles

letter m on the palm, triangle mark, money triangle, great triangle

The Letter M on the palm has meaning, but it’s not what you think! There are many explanations about the letter M on the palm. However, many of them are not credible. The confusing thing…

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Broken Heart Line or Chained and Marked Line

broken heart line

BROKEN HEART LINE MEANING IN PALMISTRY If you understand a little about palmistry, you might know that not everyone has the same heart line type. The heart line is the upper transverse crease. Typically, the…

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Curved Pinkie Meaning in Palmistry

curved pinkie

In this article, I talk about the relevance of the curved pinkie because of its significance in palmistry. Much like the thumb, it gives away clues to the persons confidence and how they communicate. However,…

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Angel Guidance Message For You

psychic reading, angel guidance

Angel Guidance-Messages What message do the angels have for you? Are you worried about some part of your life right now? Do have trouble with decisions or just want some advice in general? Angel guidance…

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