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Children Lines in Palmistry Actual Meaning

destiny palmistry

Children Lines on the Palm The lines, traditionally called children lines, are fine vertical lines from the Union (marriage) line on the side of the palm under the pinkie. Most of the time, the lines…

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Palm Warts the Meaning in Hand Analysis

palm warts

What are palm warts? Palm warts are small rough, grainy skin growths often found on the hands. They might also have tiny black dots (formed by clotted blood vessels). Common warts are noncancerous and usually…

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Marriage on the Palm – Relationship lines

marriage on the palm, marriage lines, relationship line on palm, union lines palmistry, line of affection

MARRIAGE ON THE PALM – RELATIONSHIP LINES To find marriage on the palm, look on the very edge of the palm under the pinkie. The marriage lines have many other names. They are commonly referred…

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Short Pinkie and Short Finger Meanings

short pinkie

Short Pinkie and the Meaning of a Short Finger in Palmistry Do you have a short pinkie? Sometimes it’s challenging to decipher whether a finger is longer or shorter than usual. A small finger can…

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