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Double Simian or One Simian Line on the Palm

double simian

About the Simian Line Do you have a double Simian line? Or just one on either hand? The Simian line is a single crease that crosses the entire palm. On a small proportion of hands,…

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Health Signs from Fingernail Colour

health signs from fingernail, white fingernails, white nails meaning, is white nail bad?

HEALTH SIGNS FROM  FINGERNAIL COLOUR Palmistry is not just looking at the lines on the palm, it is about analysing the whole hand, including the fingernails. When looking for health signs from fingernail colour, we…

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Love Life Signs in Palmistry Explained

what shows a long life from the palms, low set pinkie, palm reading love, palm readings at home, online palm reading, learn palmistry, professional palmist. career in palmistry, small pinkie, small little finger, romantic personality in palmistry

Love Life Signs in Palmistry You might be wondering what some love life signs in palmistry are? For example, how to see a person’s love style. Are they passionate or unfeeling? Do they have the…

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Split Life Line Real Meaning in Palmistry

life line types, split life line, life line health warning

The Split Life line and other types of line. The life line types on the palm vary. Most lines, however, arc around the thumb ball and end at the wrist. The length and quality of this…

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Career Fate Line Success Prediction From Your Palm

career fate line

What is your career / fate line? The career/fate line is the rising vertical line in the middle of the palm (if you have one). (Also called the money line). It can start almost at…

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Simian Lines On One or Both Palms?

Simian personality, double simian, simian lines

The Unusual Simian Lines on the Palm On a small proportion of hands, the heart line, and head line appear to be joined into a single line, forming one long line across the palm, known…

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Palm Prints and the Not So Funny Loop

loop of seriousness, palm prints

Dermatoglyphics, Palm Print Names and the Meanings When I first became curious about reading palms, I had no idea that fingerprints and palm prints (ridges) could have so much significance in studying our personalities. However,…

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