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Girdle of Venus the Real Palmistry Meaning

girdle of venus

Girdle of Venus and Various Meanings in Palmistry In its perfect form, the Girdle of Venus is mainly a curved line under the ring and middle fingers. Sometimes a horizontal line (or group of lines)…

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Does a Long Head Line Show Intelligence?

long head line

What is a long head line?  The head line is one of the major palmar creases that represents the mind. In scientific terms, it is called the ‘proximal transverse crease’. This crease usually commences from…

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Broken Life Line Meaning in Palm Reading

broken life line

In palmistry, the lines on the palm have significance in that they can reveal your experiences in life. One line that is often a concern for people, is the line of life. So when there…

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The Career in Palmistry – What Suits Your Style?

career in palmistry

If you have not yet settled happily into your career, you may be wondering what kind of career choices would actually suit you? When reading about a career in palmistry, the basic features of the…

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Bent Middle Finger Meaning in Palmistry

bent middle finger

Bent Middle Finger Do you have a bent middle finger? Ideally, the middle finger (also named the Saturn finger) is straight. The middle finger from a palmistry perspective represents discipline and responsibility. It also stands…

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Split line of life or marks on the life line

split in the life line, life line is broken, breaks in life line, palmistry questions, predict future, marks on the line, best palm reader in the world, island on life line

A split line of life The life line in palmistry is the crease which circles around the ball of the thumb. To decide how a person operates in their life; we see the state of…

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