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Life Line Health Warning Mark in Palmistry

life line types, split life line, life line health warning

Palmistry is well known to most as reading the lines on the palms. In the modern age, it is mainly used to study the character. However, looking for clues about the body’s condition, as in…

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Finger Length Meaning in Hand Analysis

finger length,

Finger Length Meaning in Hand Analysis Analysing the finger length has a role in palmistry because it can show how we express ourselves. The fingers can also reveal our development. When you know the meaning…

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Low Set Little Finger Meaning in Hand Analysis

short pinkie, short finger meanings, meaning of short middle finger, short ring finger, small ring finger, small thumb, short index finger meaning, best palm reader in the world, curved pinkie, bent pinkie, bent mercury, low set little finger

Low Set Little finger meaning in Hand Analysis. Do you have a slightly low set little finger? The usual setting for the fingers is at an even level at the top of the palm. Depending…

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Life Line Types in Palmistry and What They Mean

life line types, weird life line palms, strange life line on palm, meaning of life line

Life line types on the palm and what they mean in palmistry. In palmistry, the life line is the crease on the palm that circles the thumb. It is the line that people tend to first…

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Simian Crease the Single Horizontal Palm Line.

simian crease, simian line, palmistry, destiny, hand features, difficult child

Simian Crease on the Palm On a small proportion of hands, the heart line (distal transverse crease) and head line (proximal transverse crease) appear to join as a single line. One long line across the…

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