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Tented Arch Fingerprint Meaning in Palmistry

tented arch, tented arch fingerprint

Tented Arch Fingerprint If you are new to palmistry, you might not realize that fingerprints play an essential role in hand reading. These patterns make you be you, and they do not change, which is…

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Thumb Tip Shape Meanings in Palmistry

thumb tip, stiff thumb

Thumb Tip Shapes in Palmistry The thumb tip has great value in reading hands; you can glance at a person’s hand and quickly get a general idea of their energy, drive, and basic temperament. So…

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Long Fingers Meaning in Palmistry

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Long fingers What Do They Mean in Palmistry? Long fingers, whether long compared to the palm or with an extended palm, reveal the personality. It’s essential to see the character when doing a palm reading…

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Honesty Signs from the Hands and Fingers

mistakes by palm readers, honesty signs, romantic personality from the palms, romance from palms, palm line to show romantic

Honesty Signs From the Hands Palmistry can reveal much about the character. But are there any honesty signs? Like can you tell if someone is trustworthy and honourable? No one wants to feel exploited, especially…

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Intuition Line, Do You Have One?

intuition line, where is the intuition line on the palm, psychic line

INTUITION LINE The Intuition line on the palm is at the side near the percussion. It rises on Mount of Moon (lower percussion area) and, in a curve, ends on or near the Mount of…

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Palmistry Secrets That You Should Know.

palmistry secrets, mount of moon, marks on moon mount, star on moon mount, cross on moon mount

Palmistry secrets that you should know if learning hand analysis. If you missed reading my tips from Destiny Palmistry news, I am again continuing the list of palmistry secrets from my past emails. I have…

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