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Hand Reading Facts You Should Know

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20 Interesting things about the hands and palm lines If you are learning hand reading (palmistry), you will probably already know that it’s a never-ending study. There are so many variations to the hands and…

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Head Line in Palmistry – Five Personalities

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Which Type of Head Line Do You Have? The head line on your palm commences from the space between the Index finger and thumb and usually runs horizontally at least halfway across the palm. This…

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Curved Index Finger Meaning in Palmistry

curved index finger, bent jupiter, bent finger meaning

Curved Index Finger Meaning The index finger, or in palmistry terms, the Jupiter finger, tells a lot about the personality. A crooked or curved index finger shows a steady amount of variance to the qualities…

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Life Line Timeline Guide in Palmistry

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Life Line Timeline To Predict Events If you are interested in learning how to read palms, you will need to understand the life line timeline. Measuring events through palmistry is not exactly easy to do.…

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