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What does it mean if your life line is broken?

broken life line

The Life line broken around the thumb. The first line a person typically looks at on the palm is the life line. This line is also frequently the most prominent line on the palm as…

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Thumb Lines Explained in a Palmistry Study

thumb lines

The thumb has a great significance in reading hands; you can glance at a person’s hand and quickly get a general idea of their energy, drive, and primary temperament. So the thumb is a crucial…

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The Main Lines in Palmistry Can Change

main lines in palmistry, marriage line, union line, line of attachment, line of commitment, relationship line on palm, love life in palms

Main Lines in Palmistry (Also called major lines) If you are interested in palmistry, you might already know that some lines on the palm stand out more than the others. These are called the major…

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